The Connells

简介: 小Connells,1984年组建于美国北卡来罗纳州,一支独立摇滚乐团,他们很低调,他们不时尚,他们从不懂得如何用商业去炒作自己的音乐,这群相貌平平,衣着朴素,老实巴交的中年男人,弹奏着最简单乐器,用朴实的guitar旋律,最原始的鼓点节奏,谱写、演绎着一首首关于爱情,亲情的优美 更多>

小Connells,1984年组建于美国北卡来罗纳州,一支独立摇滚乐团,他们很低调,他们不时尚,他们从不懂得如何用商业去炒作自己的音乐,这群相貌平平,衣着朴素,老实巴交的中年男人,弹奏着最简单乐器,用朴实的guitar旋律,最原始的鼓点节奏,谱写、演绎着一首首关于爱情,亲情的优美而清新的浪漫摇滚歌谣,尽管他们努力使乐队保持着独立,非主流的风格,但事实, 《Ring》成功推出并热销,令the connells这群guys在美国成为家喻户晓的人物,74-75,是该专辑中最著名的传奇性单曲,其风格清新,郎郎悦耳,甜美异常,很快便登上德国、法国、意大利、奥地利、瑞士、比利时、挪威、丹麦、瑞典、芬兰和土耳其等地单曲排行榜首,从此the connells的名声红遍整个欧洲。

by Jason Ankeny:The Raleigh, North Carolina-based jangle-pop outfit the Connells formed in the spring of 1984. Fronted by guitarist Mike Connell and his bassist brother David, the first incarnation of the group also featured vocalist Doug McMillan and drummer John Schultz, who was soon replaced by former Johnny Quest percussionist Peele Wimberley. In late 1984 the quartet recorded a four-song demo; after one of the tracks, Darker Days, was selected to appear on the North Carolina compilation More Mondo, the Connells ranks expanded with the addition of singer/guitarist George Huntley, who made his debut on a March 1985 session co-produced by Don Dixon.

With the help of the bands friend Ed Morgan, the resulting demo made its way to the offices of the British label Demon, which agreed to fund the recording of enough additional tracks to complete a full-length LP. Darker Days was released in Europe by Demon in 1985, and when Morgan returned to the U.S., he formed his own label, Black Park, to issue the album domestically. After the low-budget videos for the tracks Seven and Hats Off garnered MTV airplay, the Connells won a contract with the TVT label prior to entering producer Mitch Easters Drive-In Studios to record 1987s brooding, more assured Boylan Heights, which featured the superb single Scottys Lament.

The edgier Fun and Games followed in 1989, and a year later the group resurfaced with One Simple Word, scoring an alternative radio hit with the single Stone Cold Yesterday. After a three-year tour which saw the Connells add keyboardist Steve Potak to their lineup in 1991, they finally returned to the studio to begin work on 1993s Ring, highlighted by the single Slackjawed, as well as 74-75, a major hit throughout Europe. After another three-year hiatus, the Connells issued 1996s Weird Food and Devastation, released concurrently with Huntleys solo debut brain junk. The group returned in 1998 with Still Life.