Kira Isabella

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地区:Canada 加拿大  生日:1900-01-01

简介: 加拿大乡村女歌手,词曲作者
Kira Isabella has a decade of experience under her belt performing her brand of up-tempo country music across Canada - an 更多>

Kira Isabella has a decade of experience under her belt performing her brand of up-tempo country music across Canada - an impressive feat since she is just barely 17. She has been unstoppable since her first recital at the age of seven when a fervent passion for belting out any song led her to enter every singing competition within driving distance from her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. Kira is just a normal teen girl who has homework, likes watching movies with her friends and is nearing graduation, but she has an infatuation for music that can’t be held back. Her charming stage presence, bubbly personality and natural talents led her to win nearly every competition.
Kira was always looking for an expressive outlet and eventually the effervescent girl began dabbling in guitar, and writing poetry and lyrics about love, life and boys. She has since penned several tracks herself and performed hundreds of times to date. An immersed student of her craft, Kira delved into a variety of music, but it was when she discovered the likes of powerhouse country vocalists Shania Twain and Faith Hill, that she knew she was hooked on country.
At the age of 13 Kira entered a country singing contest at an arts festival in Blyth, Ontario, but the determined girl wasn’t content competing against other kids, she was confident she could compete against adults – and she did just that – coming in second place. Even with a second place win, she wasn’t satiated; Kira wanted first place. Armed with her tenacity and strong voice, Kira went back the following year and she came in first place in the Female Open Category and took home the coveted top prize of the event – the Rising Star Award. Recognition from this homegrown festival attracted the attention of several influential music industry people and took Kira’s burgeoning singing career to the next level.
Overnight she began performing with the likes of Canadian country stars Jessie Farrell, Aaron Pritchett and Gord Bamford. By 2009 the buzz surrounding Kira’s powerful pipes and dynamic sound couldn’t be ignored any longer, and she was signed to Sony Music Canada.
Kira’s love of music is founded in the lyrics – their prose and stories draw her in and inspire her own work. Often, her songs begin as a poem, and from there develop into lyrics and eventually are put to music.
“Love Me Like That” is a perfect example of Kira’s desire to tell a story with music. It’s a story of a girl in young love with all its innocence, and talking on the phone all night, being told you’re beautiful and wanting that perfect boy.
In other tales of affection comes “Gonna Be a Hot One,” a song about the expectation of the sizzling season and summer romance. It’s upbeat, fun and all centres around the first stages falling for a boy. About a time when smelling his shirt makes you smile and taking long car rides together in the sun. Times so early in a relationship that the anticipation of being kissed just makes a girl melt.
The accolades for this bright young talent are sure to continue in 2011 as Kira sets up for what promises to be her biggest year in music yet. Working on several more songs to add to her collection, Kira Isabella is a performer eager to take country music’s centre stage