Charli XCX

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中 文 名 查莉 XCX 
外 文 名 Charli XCX 
别    名 Charlotte Emma Aitchison 
国    籍 英国 < 更多>

中 文 名 查莉 XCX 
外 文 名 Charli XCX 
别    名 Charlotte Emma Aitchison 
国    籍 英国 
星    座 狮子座 
出 生 地 英国剑桥 
出生日期 1992年08月02日 
职    业 歌手,词曲作者 
毕业院校 彼索普斯托福学院 
代表作品 《Fancy》
Charli XCX(原名:Charlotte Emma Aitchison),1992年8月2日出生于英国剑桥,英国创作型女歌手。
2012年6月,发行首张迷你专辑《You're the One》。2013年4月16日发行首张录音室专辑《True Romance》。2014年2月17日发布合作单曲《Fancy》 并开始活跃于乐坛,歌曲获得了第57届格莱美奖年度制作、最佳流行组合的提名。2014年12月15日发行第二张录音室专辑《Sucker》。
2008年,查莉通过Orgy Music发行了《!Franchesckaar!》、《Emelline / Art Bitch》两首歌曲。
2011年5月,查莉发行单曲《Stay Away》,随后在11月发行《Nuclear Seasons》,这两首歌曲的音乐制作由Ariel Rechtshaid负责,并在英国地区独家发行。
2012年,查莉合作创作了歌曲《I Love It》,这首歌曲由Icona Pop(爱卡娜女王)录制演唱,并于5月9日发布。6月,查莉发行了首张迷你专辑《You're the One》。
2013年4月12日,查莉发行第二张录音室专辑《True Romance》,专辑的综合评价为76分。查莉并在英国地区展开了为期三天的演出。6月,查莉开始录制第二张录音室专辑,其中宣传单曲《Super Love》于12月2日发行,这首歌曲原计划是专辑的首波主打单曲,但并未收录在专辑中。
2014年2月17日,查莉发布与澳大利亚歌手伊基•阿塞莉娅的合作歌曲《Fancy》,在美国百强单曲榜获得冠军。5月,查莉为电影《星运里的错》献唱的主题曲《Boom Clap》,在美国公告牌百强单曲榜最高排名第八,《Boom Clap》还作为查莉第二张录音室专辑《Sucker》的首波主打歌曲。12月15日,查莉发行第二张录音室专辑《Sucker》。9月,查莉为个人首场巡回演唱会展开了为期一个月的巡回演出。
Charlotte Emma Aitchison (born 2 August 1992), better known by her stage name Charli XCX, is an English singer and songwriter.
Charli XCX released her debut single independently in 2008 and initially performed at warehouse raves in London. She signed to Asylum Records in 2010 and released two mixtapes, Heartbreaks and Earthquakes and Super Ultra, in 2012. Charli XCX's major label debut album, True Romance, was released in 2013, accompanied by singles including "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and "Nuclear Seasons".
She rose to prominence during 2013 and 2014 when she was featured on two successful singles, Icona Pop's "I Love It" and Iggy Azalea's "Fancy". Her 2014 single "Boom Clap" from the soundtrack album of The Fault in Our Stars became a top ten single in a number of countries. It also preceded the release of her second album, Sucker, which featured the singles "Break the Rules", "Doing It" and "Famous". A bonus track, titled "Red Balloon", was also featured on the soundtrack to Home.
In mid-2014, Charli XCX contributed the song "Boom Clap" to the soundtrack of the film The Fault in Our Stars. "Boom Clap" peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and at number six in the UK,and was certified platinum in Australia. "Boom Clap" was included on Charli XCX's second album, Sucker, which was released in December 2014 in North America and February 2015 in Europe. The subsequent single, "Break the Rules", charted within the top 10 in Australia and Germany, and "Doing It" (featuring fellow British singer Rita Ora) peaked at number 8 on the UK Singles Chart. Charli XCX opened for Katy Perry on the European leg of her Prismatic World Tour in early 2015, headlined her own UK tour, and featured alongside R&B artist Tinashe on rapper Ty Dolla Sign's single "Drop That Kitty".In July and August 2015, Charli XCX co-headlined a US tour with Jack Antonoff.She announced on 21 August that, for "personal reasons", a planned second leg of the tour would not go ahead.
In a July 2015 interview, Charli XCX said that she was working on her third album and described it as "the most pop thing, and the most electronic thing" she had ever done. British producer SOPHIE has been confirmed to be involved in the album's production, along with other producers, BloodPop and Stargate. In early 2016, she reported that the album was expected to have been finished within the first week of the month. Announced weeks later, XCX had set up a new record label, Vroom Vroom Recordings, and that she would release an EP titled Vroom Vroom, as the teaser for her third studio album. XCX also hosts her own Beats 1 show fortnightly.

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