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中 文 名 三角乐队/三角基 
外 文 名 Alt-J(∆) 
活跃时间 2007年-至今 
厂    牌 Infectious/Atlantic/Canvasback
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中 文 名 三角乐队/三角基 
外 文 名 Alt-J(∆) 
活跃时间 2007年-至今 
厂    牌 Infectious/Atlantic/Canvasback
Alt-J(∆)组建于2007年,是一只英国的Indie-Rock乐队。他们在2012年六月发行了首张专辑《An Awesome Wave》一举获得了2012年英国水星音乐奖。
乐队风格:独立摇滚(Indie-Rock)、另类摇滚(Alternative Rock)、艺术摇滚(Art Rock)、迷幻民谣 (psychedelic folk)、试验音乐(Experimental)。
三角乐队组建于2007年的利兹大学,成员有Gwil Sainsbury (吉他/贝司), Joe Newman (主唱/吉他), Gus Unger-Hamilton (键盘) and Thom Green (鼓手) 。
Gus在大学里主修英国文学, 另外三人主修美术。在他们进入大学的第二年,Joe向Gwil演奏了几首他自己写的歌,这些歌是受到了他父亲(是个吉他手)和毒品的启发所写的。于是他们开始在宿舍里由Gwil用GarageBand软件创作歌曲,毕业后,他们搬到了剑桥,并在布里斯顿录下了他们的首张专辑《An Awesome Wave》。他们足足排练了两年,才在2011年与Infectious Records签约。
Δ这个名字(即Alt-J)源于在苹果电脑上用来插入希腊字母delta(Δ)的快捷键,“Alt-J”也常常让人与Daljit Dhaliwal(一个英国主持人)和“电影”联系起来。
2014年1月13日乐队成员Gwil Sainsbury宣布离队。
Alt-J获得2015全英音乐奖英国最佳乐队(British Group)提名;英国最佳专辑(British Album)提名。同年得到第57届格莱美音乐奖最佳另类音乐专辑(Best Alternative Album)提名。
他们的单曲《Left Hand Free》出现在2016年上映的电影《Captain America: Civil War》介绍蜘蛛侠的片段中。2016年4月发行现场专辑《Live at Red Rocks》。
∆,spoken as alt-J, are an English indie rock band formed in 2007 in Leeds, by Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass), Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Thom Green (drums) and Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals)
The band's debut album ‘An Awesome Wave’ was released in May 2012 in Europe and September 2012 in the United States, and won the 2012 British Mercury Prize. Gwil Sainsbury amicably departed the band in early 2014. Their second album, ‘This Is All Yours’, was released on 22 September 2014 and went straight to UK number one. As a replacement for Sainsbury, Cameron Knight became a supporting member for alt-J's live shows, playing guitar, bass and sampler.
Gwil Sainsbury left alt-J as of 13 January 2014. It was announced on Twitter that he had decided to leave, but the band would continue, stating that they were to still be best friends with Gwil. In early June 2014, alt-J announced a 2014 tour to take place in North America over October and November. The 23-day tour started in Vancouver, B.C. on October 14 and ended in Washington, D.C. on November 19. On 9 June 2014, they announced their second album ‘This Is All Yours’, that was released on 22 September 2014. ‘This Is All Yours’ went straight to Number 1 on the UK's Official Albums Chart.Alt-J headlined the September 2015 edition of Boston Calling Music Festival.
The song "Left Hand Free" is used in the title sequence for the BBC drama ‘The Interceptor’.
The song "Left Hand Free" also appears in the 2016 Marvel Studios film ‘Captain America: Civil War’ to introduce Spider-Man.And also,live album ‘Live at Red Rocks’ was released on April 2016.

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