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1999年,热爱说唱乐和新金属的大光头罗布·阿斯顿(Rob Aston)从美国东部搬到了洛杉矶,不甘寂寞的他找来了两位好友——来自Rancid的蒂姆·阿姆斯特朗(Tim Armstrong)和来自Blink-1 更多>

1999年,热爱说唱乐和新金属的大光头罗布·阿斯顿(Rob Aston)从美国东部搬到了洛杉矶,不甘寂寞的他找来了两位好友——来自Rancid的蒂姆·阿姆斯特朗(Tim Armstrong)和来自Blink-182的特拉维斯·巴克(Travis Barker)一同玩一些即兴的音乐,他还为这支临时拼凑起来的乐队取了Transplants(移居者)这样一个队名。当时他们的音乐已经与朋克没有任何关系了,因为有了罗布这样一个饶舌好手,他们的音乐里说唱部分的比重较大。谁知道两年以后,这3个家伙开始认真考创作歌曲、灌录音乐、推出专辑,并最终选择了RANCID的老东家,同时也是全美最大的朋克独立厂牌Epitaph,于2002年10月发表了首张同名专辑《Transplants》。 
by MacKenzie Wilson
Punk rock veterans Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker, and Rob Aston formed Transplants in 2002. This supergroup was a friendly experiment, for Armstrong made a name for himself with Rancid and Barker was enjoying success with blink-182. Aston was a friend of theirs who moved to Los Angeles, but eventually music was at the center of their bond. Armstrong and Aston jammed for fun for the next two years, but recording made things more real. Transplants had something -- something good. Barker was ecstatic with the results, too. The band's hard-edged self-titled debut appeared from Hellcat in October 2002. Haunted Cities was the follow-up. Issued by La Salle in June 2005, it featured guest shots from Sen Dog, B Real, and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. A fall tour in support of the album, however, was subsequently canceled and the guys announced their dissolution in late 2005.