简介: D.H.T乐队来自比利时,成员包括歌手Edmee Daenen和DJ Da Rick以及许多制作人。他们的音乐节奏轻快,集众多舞曲风格之长。早在2001年,年仅15岁的Edmee Daenen就开始为D.H.T演唱。如今,20多岁的她已经历尽风雨,无论是在舞台表演还是在录音棚演唱 更多>

D.H.T乐队来自比利时,成员包括歌手Edmee Daenen和DJ Da Rick以及许多制作人。他们的音乐节奏轻快,集众多舞曲风格之长。早在2001年,年仅15岁的Edmee Daenen就开始为D.H.T演唱。如今,20多岁的她已经历尽风雨,无论是在舞台表演还是在录音棚演唱,她都得心应手。
2005年一首翻唱瑞典老牌乐队Roxette的单曲listen to your heart让一支来自欧洲、名不见经传的D.H.T乐队成功打入美国音乐界,他们几乎是一夜成名。
With the 2005 single "Listen to Your Heart," D.H.T. became the latest European dance act to find its American footing via Robbins Entertainment. The New York label had previously helmed singles from DJ Sammy ("Heaven") and Lasgo ("Something") to success, and the Belgium-based D.H.T. (singer Edmee Daenen and DJ Da Rick; various producers) featured a similarly propulsive blend of accessible Hi-NRG/Euro-dance rhythms, plaintive female vocals, and progressive house texture. It was D.H.T.'s glossy Roxette remake that really caused a stir, like Sammy's cover of Bryan Adams before it. "Listen to Your Heart" first appeared in Europe through Hardbounze in 2003. Issued stateside by Robbins in November 2004, by the following May it was a Top 40 sensation in various markets. D.H.T.'s previous work included a Euro-dance cover of the 1978 Sniff 'n' the Tears gem "Driver's Seat," released under the moniker Dared.