简介: Jay Brannan(出生)是美国 创作歌手和演员。他出生于德克萨斯州并在俄亥俄州短暂学习,但后来搬到加利福尼亚成为演员。布兰南出现在2006年电影性爱巴士,其中包括他在电影配乐的歌曲之一,并开始通过对建立一个粉丝群的YouTube。他于2007 年发行了EP并担任控股Trev 更多>

Jay Brannan(1982年3月29日出生)是美国 创作歌手和演员。他出生于德克萨斯州并在俄亥俄州短暂学习,但后来搬到加利福尼亚成为演员。布兰南出现在2006年电影性爱巴士,其中包括他在电影配乐的歌曲之一,并开始通过对建立一个粉丝群的YouTube。他于2007 年发行了EP并担任控股Trevor。从那时起,他一直巡回演出并发行了三张专辑。

小Texas-born singer, songwriter, and actor Jay Brannan's angelic voice and folky, acoustic approach may make him appear like a garden-variety contemporary singer/songwriter, but his musical sensibility brings him closer to hard-to-fit-in-a-box female artists like Ani DeFranco, Lisa Loeb, Sinéad O'Connor, or Liz Phair, and he sounds like nothing so much as a male version of Joni Mitchell at times. Brannan appeared as Seth in John Cameron Mitchell's 2006 film Shortbus and his song "Soda Shop" was featured prominently in the film's soundtrack. Brannan released a limited-edition four-song EP called disasterpiece (it has also been listed as Unmastered) featuring "Soda Shop" that same year, amending it with two additional songs for a second 2008 edition of disasterpiece in 2008. Later that year he finally released a full-length effort, goddamned.