Slim Thug

简介: 小Slim Thug来自休斯敦,是近期渐渐走入主流的美国南方说唱乐的代表之一。与许多说唱歌手的出道经历类似,Slim Thug最初也是从参与一些说唱歌手专辑制作开始自己的说唱歌手生涯的,随即Slim Thug开始自己创作一些作品并且录制成磁带。他在2002年和2004年之间,发行 更多>

小Slim Thug来自休斯敦,是近期渐渐走入主流的美国南方说唱乐的代表之一。与许多说唱歌手的出道经历类似,Slim Thug最初也是从参与一些说唱歌手专辑制作开始自己的说唱歌手生涯的,随即Slim Thug开始自己创作一些作品并且录制成磁带。他在2002年和2004年之间,发行过的3张专辑曾登上过排行榜。2004年,他独立发行了专辑We Make the Rules in the Streets,加上之前的数张独立专辑,让Slim Thug的影响力迅速的扩大。

随着近年来美国南方说唱音乐的飞速发展,Slim Thug也成为主流大唱片公司的目标。签约主流公司之后,Slim Thug的宣传力度迅速扩大。在经过了多次的推迟发行之后,这张由The Neptunes等精英制作人打造的专辑Already Platinum终于在2005年7月12日正式推出。

by Andy Kellman

An imposing figure with a voice to match, Slim Thug had been dropping in for guest verses -- on mixtapes and other artists' albums -- for several years before making his full-length debut through the Neptunes' Star Trak label. Based out of the northern part of Houston, the MC fell in with Swisha House's Michael Watts and established a following in short time, which had a lot to do with his business instincts -- mixtapes released on his own Boss Hogg Outlawz label circulated throughout the region. (He also acquired a couple record stores and became involved with real estate.) Already Platinum, distributed by Geffen, sustained several release-date delays before its July 2005 street date, and featured production work from the Neptunes and Jazze Pha.