The fin.

简介: 外文名:ザ・フィン国籍:日本团员组成:Yuto Uchino、Kaoru Nakazawa团员人数:2代表作:《Night Time》The fin.是日本制作人Uchino Yuto和Kaoru Nakazawa创造的音乐项目。Uchino Yuto Uchino负责创作、表演 更多>



团员组成:Yuto Uchino、Kaoru Nakazawa


代表作:《Night Time》

The fin.是日本制作人Uchino Yuto和Kaoru Nakazawa创造的音乐项目。

Uchino Yuto Uchino负责创作、表演、录制、混音和制作该项目的所有音乐。

Kaoru Nakazawa 曾在早期作品中担任鼓手,目前在巡回演出中演奏贝斯。他还在东京为一个日本音乐数字发行的服务平台FRIENSHIP管理流媒体直播空间。

The fin.来自充满活力的日本港口城市神户。他们以融合了synthpop、chillwave和dream pop的时尚亲欧风格,迅速吸引了国内外的关注,并辅之以针对日常不确定因素的普遍主题的英文歌词。

他们搬到伦敦后,通过与Bradley Spence、All We Are、Circa Waves、Petie Noir等一大批欧洲艺人和制作人的合作,他们在艺术领域迅速发展。他们在世界上最大的音乐节(美国的SXSW,日本的富士摇滚音乐节和SummerSonic,英国的The Great Escape,中国的草莓音乐节,法国的MaMA等等)的舞台上表演,并为Phoenix,The Last Shadows Puppets,MEW及Wild Nothing等世界著名音乐人作暖场嘉宾。

他们的上一张EP《Wash Away》于2019年9月发行,随后进行了亚洲巡演,吸引了超过1.5万名粉丝。

2020年,他们开始发行新的音乐作品,其中第一首歌曲《Over the Hill》入选Spotify包括英国在内的全球性歌单“New Music Friday”。


The fin. is the music project of Japanese producer Yuto Uchino and Kaoru Nakazawa.

Yuto Uchino writes, performs, records, mixes, and produces all of the project’s music.

Kaoru Nakazawa, who used to play drums in the earlier works, currently plays bass as a touring act. He also manages a streaming live space in Tokyo for Japanese streaming distribution service FRIENDSHIP.

Hailing from the vibrant Japanese port city of Kobe, The fin. have quickly drawn attention inside and outside the borders of their homeland with their stylish Europhile blend of synthpop, chillwave and dream pop, complemented by English lyrics addressing universal themes of everyday uncertainties.

Their move to London has seen them develop themselves artistically through collaboration with a wealth of European artists and producers like Bradley Spence, All We Are, Circa Waves, Petite Noir and many more. They performed on the stages of the world biggest festivals (SXSW in US, Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic in Japan, The Great Escape in UK, Strawberry Festival in China, MaMA in France, and more), and opened for major artists such as Phoenix, The Last Shadows Puppets, MEW or Wild Nothing.

Their last EP "Wash Away", released in September 2019, was followed by an Asia tour gathering more than 15,000 fans.

In 2020, they started releasing new music, the first song “Over The Hill” beeing selected on 9 of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists across the world, including UK.

Look forward to their new full album, to be dropped in 2021!



2013年9月公开的歌曲《Night Time》在网络上引起了话题,不仅仅是日本,海外的咨询也蜂拥而至。

2014年出演富士摇滚节的“ROOKIEA GO”舞台剧。


2017年5月,Takayasu Taguchi退出。担任鼓手的Kaoru Nakazawa成为贝司。