Matt Nathanson

简介: 基本内容:07年的这张全新的专辑依然沿袭了他以前的风格,苦乐参半,有些淡淡的忧伤却显得平和,旋律简单而流畅。专辑中诗一般的歌词都是由Nathanson亲自完成的,毫无矫揉造作之意,写实而且深刻。对情感的剖析很犀利,一针见血。 “Matt用他那独特的嗓音使的整张专辑以及带著诚挚感情 更多>

借用某音乐杂志的话——“如果你厌倦了那些过于商业化的歌手和专辑,厌倦了虚伪和包装,而追求一种坦诚而直接的音乐,Matt Nathanson的声音应该是你所想要的!”
Matt Nathanson (born 28 March 1973 in Lexington, Massachusetts) is a singer-songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock music. In addition to singing, he plays acoustic guitar (usually a twelve-string), and has played both solo and with a full band.
In many ways, SomeMad Hope is Nathanson’s most fully realized work to date. He balances his intensely personal worldview with engaging character studies. “I think of [Some Mad Hope] as an album in the classic sense and not just a collection of songs,” he says. “There’s definitely a theme there, a tracing of the ups and downs of a relationship. It gets dark in places, but it ends on a note that’s hopeful -- it’s not cut-and-dried, but it points to the future in a way that I see as positive.
专辑名称: Some Mad Hope
专辑歌手: Matt Nathanson
发行日期: August 14,2007
专辑语种: English
专辑类型: Pop/Rock
唱片公司: Vanguard Records
01. Car Crash
02. Come on Get Higher
03. Heartbreak World
04. Gone
05. Wedding Dress
06. Bulletproof Weeks
07. To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
08. Still
09. Detroit Waves
10. Falling Apart
11. Sooner Surrender
12. All We Are