77 Bombay Street

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简介: Matt (28), Joe (26), Esra (24), and Simri-Ramon (20) grew up in a family of nine in Basle. “Our mother encouraged us to sing from a very ear 更多>

Matt (28), Joe (26), Esra (24), and Simri-Ramon (20) grew up in a family of nine in Basle. “Our mother encouraged us to sing from a very early age,” explains Joe. Ever since they were tiny, they have been making music together. Initially, they performed in nursing homes, hospitals, and at private events. Then came an event that changed their lives: in 2001, the Buchli family moved to Australia for two years, setting up home at 77 Bombay Street in Adelaide. On their return to Switzerland, the four decided that they didn’t want to live in the city any more. “We were lucky to be able to take over the old chalet that belonged to our grandparents in Scharans,” says Esra. “Surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the canton of Graubünden, it was just perfect.” They weren’t in the least bit bothered that they would have to share a bedroom. A short time later they formed a band, which they named after their temporary home down under. From this point on, the heart of the band beat in the chalet’s cellar, where they rehearsed. Then everything happened very quickly: 77 Bombay Street began to enter band competitions, winning almost every one of them. They were then hired for some gigs and won both the Little Prix Walo and the MyCokemusic Contest in 2009. “It can be wonderful to make music with your brothers, but it can also be very nerve-racking,” says Simri- Ramon in answer to a frequently asked question. “Each of us has a different idea of music. Before we reach a consensus, there can be big fights and it can get very loud.”
At this stage, 77 Bombay Street is more than just an insider tip. 77 Bombay Street is all about the joy of making music, musical talent, intensity, and authenticity. With the songs ‘47 Millionaires’ and ‘Long Way’, they have conquered the radio waves and are getting both positive media reviews and encouraging feedback. The band’s fan community is growing steadily. 77 Bombay Street have already played over 100 live shows in their as yet short career. Their debut album, Up In The Sky, features 12 characteristic and unmistakeable folk-rock gems. There isn’t a note too many, the songs are not overloaded with ideas, every word counts … in fact, every one of the songs is straightforward, direct, and goes straight to the heart.