Antennas to Heaven

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简介: Antennas to Heaven来自英格兰东北的一只后摇乐队,深受mogwai,EITS影响
  乐队有两人:David Smith负责演奏和vocal,Phil Hodgson负责歌词
  2006出了debut专辑The Line Between My 更多>

Antennas to Heaven来自英格兰东北的一只后摇乐队,深受mogwai,EITS影响
  乐队有两人:David Smith负责演奏和vocal,Phil Hodgson负责歌词
  2006出了debut专辑The Line Between Myth and Reality Has Always Been in Finland,大受好评,其中第9首This Bloody Tarkhovsky Film更是上了BBC
  2007年,在付出很大努力后,发布自己第二张专辑Hermeneutics,发音应该是"Her-men-eu-tics" 而不是"Her-MEN-eu-tics"
Antennas to Heaven are based in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area of the North East England and formed in late 2005. The band has two members; David Smith, who writes and performs the music and also provides the vocals, and Phil Hodgson, who contributes the lyrics. We draw upon post rock influences, such as Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky, in combination with surreal lyrical ramblings that drift in and out of the layers of sound. Our name plays clear homage to the work of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
Our debut album "The Line Between Myth and Reality Has Always Been In Finland" has been receiving growing exposure with recently giving the album a score of ten out of ten and the track "This Bloody Tarkhovsky Film" being played on BBC national radio in the UK.
At the time of writing, our Myspace page has collected 15,613 friends. We are also currently in the process of producing new material for a variety of projects. The album would never have been possible without the contributions of Caitlin Cook, Martin Cornford, Chris Brown, Andy Smith, Kevin Lipobay, Mr Hudson, Calum, Mark Little, Rebecca Groves, Mary Wallace, Gareth Cheeseman, Trevor Watts and Yvonne Howard. The album was possible without any contribution from Graeme Hick.
After much blood, sweat and nonsense involving coat hangers, we'll be releasing our second album "Hermeneutics" during the summer of 2007. Check back soon for more updates - although we can confirm that the title should be pronounced "Her-men-eu-tics" and not "Her-MEN-eu-tics". Mark the difference for me. It should also be noted that absolutely no pigs were harmed in the making of the record, despite the best efforts of 50% of the band.
David Smith is officially the tallest person in post-rock. He claimed the title following James 'Hightower' Matthews' retirement from the music business after a nasty incident involving a low ceiling in the Lion & Lamb in Horsley. This allowed David a clear run in the competition and he was crowned champion in his first season. After the months of gruelling training for the tournament David is looking forward to returning to writing and recording tracks for the second Antennas to Heaven album.
Phil Hodgson is officially the most pointless person in post-rock. And it shows. Of the skills he has developed - an excellent impression of Danny Glover in the film "Lethal Weapon", the ability to mail merge up to 617 letters at any given time and the willingness to "put a shift in" - none appear on this record. He lives in the Newcastle area, so you might bump into him if you're there. He passed his Year 9 music exam by playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" on the xylophone. Had he done "A Groovy Kind of Love" on the keyboard, he too would have failed. He would like to thank for Kevin Lipobay for getting him where he is today.