lily allen 谁能知道who d of known歌词

It s five o clock in the morning
Conversation got boring
You said you d go into bed soon
So I snuck off to your bedroom
And I thought I d just wait there
Untill I heard you come up the stairs
And I pretended I was sleeping
And I was hoping you would creep in with me
Put your arm aound my shoulder
And it was as if the room got colder
And we moved closer in together
Started talking about the weather
Said tomorrow would be fun
We could watch a place in the sun
I didn t know where this was going
When you kissed me
Are you mine?
Are you mine?
Cause I stay here all the time
Watching tele drinking wine
Who d of known?
Who d of known?
When you d flash up on my phone
I d no longer feel alone
No longer feel alone
I haven t left here for days now
And I m becoming amazed how
You re quite affectionate in public
in fact your

lily allen 谁能知道who d of knownLRC歌词

lily allen 谁能知道who d of known歌词Lily Allenlily allen 谁能知道who d of knownLRC歌词添加中

lily allen 谁能知道who d of known歌词,lily allen 谁能知道who d of knownLRC歌词

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