take chance on me歌词

You're so hot, teasing me
So you're blue but I can't take a chance on a chick like you
That's something I couldn't do
There's that look in your eyes
I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but girl you're only a child
Well I can dance with you honey
If you think it's funny
Does your mother know that you're out?
And I can chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you're out?
Take it easy (take it easy)
Better slow down girl
That's no way to go

take chance on meLRC歌词

take chance on me歌词ABBAtake chance on meLRC歌词添加中

take chance on me歌词,take chance on meLRC歌词

歌曲名:take chance on me  歌手:ABBA  所属专辑:《Definitive Collectio》

作词:  作曲:  发行公司:未知  发行时间:2001-11-06

歌曲ID:31235  分类:歌曲  语言:英语  大小:973.6 KB  时长:02:04秒  比特率:64K  评分:0.0分

介绍:《take chance on me》 是 ABBA 演唱的歌曲,时长02分04秒,由作词,作曲,该歌曲收录在ABBA2001年的专辑《Definitive Collectio》之中,如果您觉得好听的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同聆听,一起支持歌手ABBA吧!

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