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Call from Babylon



[ti:Smoke the Weed (feat. Collie B][ar:Snoop Lion][al:Reincarnated (Deluxe Version)][by:听雨][00:00.00]Snoop Lion - Smoke the Weed (feat. Collie B[00:02.20]Lyric by rain&Charles QQ:850454409[00:12.36]Smoke the weed everyday[00:14.11][00:14.86]Don't smoke the seeds, no way[00:17.17]Smoke the weed, hey[00:20.11]Smoke the weed[00:21.49][00:22.19]You're the generation, young boys and girls[00:25.59]Be careful of the seeds you show[00:28.17]If you want to see a strong tree grow[00:30.23]You gotta put them for the future[00:32.78]Show respect, don't neglect mother nature[00:35.49][00:36.12]All the pollution in this world, me just can't stand it[00:39.18]Global warming make the whole world panic[00:41.92]Take care of mother earth 'cause she be the planet[00:44.73]Youth man don't go astray[00:47.66]Fresh trees, young seeds all tryina find the light[00:50.49]Stretching out their limbs to the sun, goddamn right[00:53.25]Help them keep their life on track, watch out for life like a satellite[00:56.33]Them winds will stop and go like a traffic light[00:59.03]Many obstacles to overcome in the city life[01:01.53]Making sure they stay pure, teach them what's wrong from right[01:04.48]Seed brings forth new life[01:06.16][01:06.97]Smoke the weed everyday[01:10.13]Don't smoke the seeds, no way[01:12.88]Smoke the weed, hey[01:15.64]Smoke the weed[01:17.58]They are grown 16 and with all the money[01:21.43]We'll be there so we go[01:23.57][01:24.56]Stick the peer pockets been darling[01:26.81]The bad man hurt me break all[01:29.12][01:29.87]Holding my fight the herb me can't stand it[01:32.32]Me a solely see Babylon can't come step on it[01:34.94]Me a mixed the weed with tally, agreed to go '[01:38.14]Good man don't stop, only chronic everyday[01:41.01][01:42.46]Roll the weed oh[01:44.02]Take off a few chums then me mix a couple breed up[01:46.52]Can't stand the principle, go the seed, oh[01:49.40]We don't know if we cheat though[01:51.27]And me said herb, herb what we all prefer[01:54.46]And my jugular '[01:55.93]Honey you done said weed is life[01:59.21][01:59.83]Weed is reality[02:02.52]Smoke the weed everyday[02:05.96]Don't smoke the seeds, no way[02:08.75]Smoke the weed, hey[02:11.44]Smoke the weed[02:13.19]Earn like papa you've damn my supper[02:17.07]Danced in my pop off hot like the summer[02:19.63]You can never understand why we live the life[02:24.22][02:25.84]You would never recognize unless you see the fire in my eyes[02:29.78]I'm burying a man like every single day[02:34.22]Black birds in the sky, can't get a fucking break[02:36.79]The smoke is my gun that's how I blow them away[02:39.74]Music is my weapon, rewind and let it play[02:42.56]That they lie to the police sun set all day[02:45.31]They call me Snoop Lion, I smoke everyday[02:48.59][02:50.65]We keep grinding theses seeds[02:53.40]Watch them grow a new breed[02:55.93]Cultivating these streets[02:58.68]Recycle, care zone[03:01.46]And oh, they know, they know, they don't stop[03:04.46]The tic-tac got the universal clock[03:06.84]Till the bang bang baby, all the love stream and boomie[03:09.98]And the slow dead weight that we procreate[03:12.41][03:12.92]Smoke the weed everyday[03:15.60]Don't smoke the seeds, no way[03:18.43]Smoke the weed, hey[03:21.24]Smoke the weed[03:22.49][03:23.18] 九酷音乐网 http://www.9ku.com提供


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歌曲名:Call from Babylon  歌手:慢摇舞曲  所属专辑:《超好听的慢摇》

作词:  作曲:  发行公司  发行时间:2009年10月9日

歌曲ID:376845  分类:DJ舞曲  语言:英语  大小:3.15 MB  时长:03:26秒  比特率:128K  评分:9.3分

介绍:《Call from Babylon》 是 慢摇舞曲 演唱的歌曲,时长03分26秒,由作词,作曲,已累积试听超过1267次,如果您觉得好听的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同聆听,一起支持歌手慢摇舞曲吧!

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