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Kaki King,女,出生在亚特兰大,现居住在纽约。4岁被身为律师的爸爸发现其身上的音乐天赋,并开始学习吉他的演奏,9岁的时候学习鼓并且在高中的时候,担任了乐队的鼓手。在成长过程中受到Nick Drake,Elliot Smith,Red House Painters等的影响,并逐渐形成弹拨吉他与敲击吉他制造鼓的效果相结合的音乐演奏风格。曾经为《八月迷情(August Rush)》编写和演奏插曲。


——《Everybody Loves You》——表演者: Kaki King唱片数: 1条型码: 0687480030224发行时间: 2003-04-22版本特性: Enhanced出版者: Velour Recordings介质: Audio CD曲目 · · · · · ·1.kewpie station2.steamed juicy little bun3.carmine st.4.night after sidewalk5.happy as a dead pig in the sunshine6.the exhibition7.close your eyes and youll burst into flames8.joi9.everybody loves you10.fortuna——《Legs To Make Us Longer》——表演者: Kaki KingKaki King 唱片数: 1条型码: 0766929242623发行时间: 2004版本特性: Enhanced出版者: Red Int / Red Ink介质: Audio CD曲目 · · · · · ·1. Frame2. Playing With Pink Noise3. Ingots4. Doing The Wrong Thing5. Solipsist6. Neanderthal7. Can The Gwot Save Us?8. Lies9. All The Landslides Birds Have Seen Since The Beginning Of The World10. Magazine11. My Insect Life——《Until We Felt Red》——表演者: Kaki King唱片数: 1条型码: 0687480060429发行时间: 2006出版者: Velour Recordings介质: Audio CD曲目 · · · · · ·1. Yellowcake2. ...Until We Felt Red3. You Dont Have To Be Afraid4. Goby5. Jessica6. First Brain7. I Never Said I Love You8. Ahuvati9. These Are The Armies Of The Tyrannized10. Second Brain11. Soft Shoulder12. The Footsteps Die Out Forever13. Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers——《Dreaming Of Revenge》——表演者: Kaki King唱片数: 1条型码: 2000002364825发行时间: 2008-03-11出版者: Velour Recordings介质: Audio CD歌曲1.Bone Chaos In The Castle2.Life Being What It Is3.Sad American4.Pull Me Out Alive5.Montreal6.Open Mouth7. So Much For So Little8.Saving Days In A Frozen Head9.Air And Kilometers10.Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be A Bad Person?11.2 O‘clock

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  • 2010-11-17歌曲:Bari Improv 纯音

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