God Gave Me A Gun歌词

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God gave me a gun
Said take everyone
Standing in the way
Of what you really want
So I took his advice
I never thought twice
Headed out to find
To find a Victim
An if I never run
Out of ammunition
I'll just keep shooting
Cause I'm the only one
That likes to see
myself hurting

God played me a song
Said sing alone
How fragile is the sound
When no one is around
You keep so damn confused
By love you always lose
But child it's
what you choose
Lost and lying on the ground
So I rose up and danced
Like an angel
with a broken body
Eyes turning to glass
To run the rain
across my face
Streets held out their hands
To lead me back to
my sweet manger
And tuck me into my flesh
Where I woke up
to an answered prayer

God Gave Me A GunLRC歌词

[ti:God Save Me A Gun]
[ar:Alive In Wild Paint]
[00:07.00]www.9ku.com marissa 制作
[00:14.80]God gave me a gun
[00:17.90]Said take everyone
[00:21.86]Standing in the way
[00:25.22]Of what you really want
[00:28.62]So I took his advice
[00:32.43]I never thought twice
[00:36.15]Headed out to find
[00:39.46]To find a Victim
[00:43.07]An if I never run
[00:49.26]Out of ammunition
[00:53.41]I'll just keep shooting
[00:57.02]Cause I'm the only one
[01:03.40]That likes to see
[01:07.70]myself hurting
[01:25.81]God played me a song
[01:29.03]Said sing alone
[01:32.82]How fragile is the sound
[01:36.20]When no one is around
[01:39.99]You keep so damn confused
[01:43.41]By love you always lose
[01:46.96]But child it's
[01:48.03]what you choose
[01:49.91]Lost and lying on the ground
[01:54.16]So I rose up and danced
[02:00.36]Like an angel
[02:02.81]with a broken body
[02:08.32]Eyes turning to glass
[02:14.86]To run the rain
[02:18.36]across my face
[02:22.70]Streets held out their hands
[02:29.01]To lead me back to
[02:33.07]my sweet manger
[02:36.58]And tuck me into my flesh
[02:43.30]Where I woke up
[02:47.27]to an answered prayer
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