2 R Better Off Then 1歌词

Welcome back, to the stage of history
Yo.. Slim Shady!
Yo.. I'll fuckin.. I'll..
I'll puke, eat it, and freak you (eww)
Battle? I'm too weeded to speak to
The only key that I see to defeat you
would be for me to remove these two Adidas and beat you
and force feed you 'em both, and on each feet is a cleat shoe
I'll lift you off your feet so fast with a roundhouse
you'll think I pulled the fuckin ground out from underneath you
(Bitch!) I ain't no fuckin G, I'm a cannibal
I ain't tryin to shoot you,
I'm tryin to chop you into pieces and eat you
Wrap you in rope and plastic, stab you with broken glass
and have you with open gashes strapped to a soakin mattress
Coke and acid, black magic, cloaks and daggers (ahhh!)
Fuck the planet, until it spins on a broken axis
I'm so bananas I'm showin up to your open casket
to fill it full of explosive gasses
and close it back with a lit match in it
while I sit back and just hope it catches

2 R Better Off Then 1LRC歌词

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2 R Better Off Then 1歌词,2 R Better Off Then 1LRC歌词

歌曲名:2 R Better Off Then 1  歌手:Tomi  所属专辑:未知

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歌曲ID:190066  分类:歌曲  语言:  大小:5.05 MB  时长:05:30秒  比特率:128K  评分:5.0分

介绍:《2 R Better Off Then 1》 是 Tomi 演唱的歌曲,时长05分30秒,由作词,作曲,如果您觉得好听的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同聆听,一起支持歌手Tomi吧!

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